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New Echoes of Little Saigon StoryMap!

The Echoes of Little Saigon project started in 2014 as a graduate studio directed by Dr. Elizabeth Morton. Building on research and community oral histories collected by fellow students, Judd Ullom developed a series of short documentaries tied to a walking tour of Clarendon sites associated with Little Saigon.

We are very pleased to announce a redesigned Echoes of Little Saigon StoryMap, created by Rudo Kemper and Liz Nguyen. You can now share your story directly through the website, or contact Liz Nguyen to set up an in-person interview!

The next time you visit Clarendon, look out for this series of storefront stickers in the following establishments to see and hear more about Little Saigon. Each sticker includes a QR code (scannable from any smartphone) that connects users directly to a short documentary like you see above featuring a specific chapter of Little Saigon’s history. Each chapter of the story is told exclusively through the voices of those who participated in this cultural preservation oral history project—those who lived, shopped or owned a business in Little Saigon. The establishments on which the stickers are posted were almost all occupied by Vietnamese businesses. Archival photographs, paired with the oral history excerpts, show you what these businesses looked like inside and out. Go back in time and experience Little Saigon Clarendon for yourself!

Note: the window stickers have been removed on several businesses due to renovations, but you can still access the oral histories through the StoryMap while you visit the sites. We hope to get all the stickers back soon!


Chapter 1: Escape from Vietnam, and Living Museum LocationsImmigration to the U.S. — Spice Kraft Indian Bistro; 1135 N. Highland Street

Chapter 2: Making a Home in Clarendon — The Hartford Building; 3101 Wilson Boulevard

Chapter 3: Scenes from Little Saigon — Angolino Pizza; 3125 Wilson Boulevard

Chapter 4: Introduction of the Metro, and Rise of Eden Center — Don Tito’s; 3165 Wilson Boulevard

Chapter 5: Reflections on Little Saigon — Spider Kelly’s; 3181 Wilson Boulevard

Thank you to Clarendon Alliance and the above businesses for sponsoring and hosting this project!

Chapter 1: Escape from VietnamChapter 2: Making a Home in ClarendonChapter 3: Scenes from Little SaigonChapter 4: Introduction of the MetroChapter 5: Reflections on Little Saigon


Created by Judd Ullom for his MURP Capstone Project

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